My name is James, I am a contract developer living in London.

I have experience working across mobile applications, websites, and installations.

Download my CV to see my past experience


Front-end Architect

Contract Role

Working on the architecture team planning current and future projects that follow the roadmap of the Reform Programme.

As part of the Architecture team I worked across the broad range of HMCTS departments, discussing future requirements in a weekly AWG (Architecture Working Group), and held presentations for discussion with the TDA (Technical Design Authority).

Agency: HMCTS Year: 2020

Full Stack Developer

Contract Role

At Imagination I developed 4 frontend applications for the launch of the new Landrover Discovery. The applications were built in VueJS, and ran inside an electron wrapper. The applications where deployed in multiple languages available in shopping malls and autoshows from September 2019.

Vuejs Frontend Installation
Agency: Imagination Year: 2019

Full Stack Developer

Contract Role

Working with the inhouse technical team at Jack Morton, I developed a game for Ericsson to showcase at Mobile World Congress. The game was developed in Reactjs and deployed using an Electron wrapper.

After the event in MWC Event, I continued to work at Jack Morton to build a few websites, in GatsbyJS or static html and deployed to AWS with Terraform.

Reactjs Frontend Installation
Agency: Jack Morton Year: 2019

Full Stack Developer / Tech Lead

Contract Role

Since freelancing I have completed a few contract roles at Brave

Roles have included:

  • Technical Lead for a team of 6 developers creating a greenfield mobile application for a global technology company built in React Native.
  • Frontend developer creating and maintaining websites built in ReactJS
  • Devops deploying websites and microservices using Ansible, Packer, and Terraform
Leadership React Native Terraform Frontend Backend API Development
Agency: Brave Year: 2017 - 2019

Principle Tech lead

Permanent Role

Principle Tech lead for Jaguar Landrover autoshows

This included being responsible for over 30 applications at once, on site at autoshows across the world.

Leading a team of backend and frontend developers, devops, and a Technical Architect. These applications had to be built in a way that were, easily updateably, could store and push data to the cloud, and work with no internet connectivity.

The applications that were built used HTML, Unity, C, and Flash.

Agency: Imagination Year: 2014 - 2017

Senior Frontend Developer

Permanent Role

Senior frontend developer for the Central technology team at Imagination.

This role included hiring and managing multiple freelancers across all client projects (Shell, Ford, JLR). Hiring and training junior members of staff.

Working with the backend and deployment team to configure project templates for deploying applications consistently on a global scale.

Senior Developer AngularJS
Agency: Imagination Year: 2013


Permanent Role

H&M - Lana Del Rey

A campaign that spanned the globe in 18 different languages.

The eighth H&M campaign that I worked on, I was the lead developer for the Lana Del Rey campaign.

The microsite worked with the custom “H&M Flash framework” to retrieve information like price of a garment or current language from the CMS.

Actionscript 3
Agency: Wednesday Year: 2012


Permanent Role

Orange - Film To Go

The Film To Go popcorn game took a users postcode and generated a unique pacman style game level on top of a Google map, using the supplied location as the starting point. You could then run around the streets and collect popcorn, power ups trying to beat the current hi score.

The game was built for a number of different formats including a youtube masthead on the home page of www.youtube.com and a Facebook application on the Orange film Facebook profile page. All versions of the game integrated into an encrypted hi score table accessed via Facebook.

Lingobee worked for Poke London as the Production company to create this project.

Actionscript 3
Agency: Lingobee Year: 2011


Permanent Role

Transport for London - See the blindspot

With the introduction of the Boris bike, Transport for London needed an interesting way of demonstrating the dangers of cycling near lorries. This augmented reality presentation allows users to see explore these blind spots themselves.

Actionscript 3
Agency: Lingobee Year: 2010


Permanent Role

Orange - Santa Yourself

While at lingoBee I worked on a xmas themed flash toy for the Orange Feed. You fed yourself mince pies and your face got fatter, then you could add beard parts and Santa hats. The project was great fun, and very well received, after turning yourself into Santa you could share on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Lingobee worked for Poke London as the Production company to create this project.

Actionscript 3
Agency: Lingobee Year: 2009